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William's Wicked Workouts

Jason Brandt, World Master Jiu Jitsu Champion

I started working with Will in preparation for Masters World Championships of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2016.  To make the lightweight division I needed special attention to my diet, and to maintain and increase my strength. 


Will took me on and coached me through a deep weight cut and managed all of my strength training needs.  I have never met anyone that can match Will's knowledge, skills and sensitivity in guiding me through this process.


It was one of the most difficult things ive ever done and Will was with me every step.  He was right there when the weight felt impossible to lose while customizing my strength training to match my body's needs and the needs of my sport.   Will is a rock of compassion and encouragement.  Trust the process!

Judy Land, Bootcamper


I am lucky enough to do bootcamp classes at The Sweat Shoppe. One of my favourite classes is Thursday lunchtime with William Celis. Every Thursday at 12:15 it is leg day. William always has a well planned 30 minutes for us.


He concentrates on the legs but the arms and abs get attention also. I leave totally spent... many calories burned and totally pumped. William's classes are hard and fun! His music choices totally make the 30 minutes fly.


His encouragement is contagious. He is helpful and mindful with his adjustments. I try to never miss a class.

William's Wicked Workouts
William's Wicked Workouts

Anais Noriega


In March of 2017, I competed in the OPA regionals in the Bikini Short category. I dedicated myself to study and understand the muscles of my body, did my own food plan and also my workouts. The competition became my thesis and I passed it by winning 3rd place at the Regionals.

After that my new goal was to compete at the Provincials. I did not know anything about it and without guidance, out of 25 people who competed that day, I got #25 (That's right, the last) but not all was sadness.

There, I met my coach William whom I contacted 3 months before my last chance to compete in the last Provincials of 2017. Thanks to his knowledge and all my dedication, I won 2nd place! Now we have the intention of going for the 1st place at the Nationals.

Thanks William, without you it would have been difficult to achieve it

Paul Neira


Since I became a personal trainer I wanted to compete. I was playing with that idea for a long time and decided that I will do it before I turned 40. I was 34 and I would always come up with some excuse: I’m too thin, not muscular enough, not the right time, etc. Until one day I met William and heard that he had competed so many times and not only that but he had several titles under his belt including Mr. Mexico, and so I decided that the time was right so I asked him for help. We sat down and he explained to me the whole process, what to expect, how to get organized, workout routine, diet, posing, etc.


I had 16 weeks to get ready for my very first competition. Even though the last 8 weeks were the toughest mentally, I finished really strong and I was indeed in the best condition of my life at the end. I’m honestly not sure I would have survived those last few weeks if we hadn’t been working together. Not only did my new diet make my life bearable, but he was also around any time I had questions or concerns and was always extremely reassuring with his responses.


He’s great at communicating and even better at making sure I am personally getting everything I need out of the program. He’s been flexible when I’ve had challenges and I honestly couldn’t be happier. He’s an amazing coach, and he knows his stuff. I highly recommend William to anyone preparing to compete or even just looking for some guidance on getting into better physical condition. Not only are his nutrition recommendations on point, but his training plans are KILLER.


Thanks again William, can not wait to do it all over again!

William's Wicked Workouts
William's Wicked Workouts

Nubia Solano

2003 Figure Level 2 Masters Division

I have to say my experience having trained with William has had a transformational impact on my life - the awareness of fitness and how far the body is willing to work with you is amazing.


Giving it the right workout and food changes life in the way one performs and feels and relates in the world.


I love it and will continue my commitment!

Michelle Celis

2004 Level 2 Brantford

2003 Level 2 London

When I first met William I was going to the gym 7 days a week and eating healthy - or so I thought.  With all this activity and "proper" diet, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't noticing any improvements in my physique.  I thought this was simply the body that I was given and that it was as good as it was going to get. Was I wrong!


It wasn't until chatting with William that I realized all the mistakes I was making.  He taught me about the importance of weight training in order to tone, tighten and sculpt my body.  He quickly cleared up the myth that training with weights makes girls "big".  He taught me about the importance of daily cardio to keep my metabolism working at all times.  And finally, he taught me what a proper diet really was. I followed William's training and diet advice and noticed significant changes in my physique.  So much so, that I decided to compete in a figure competition - not once, but 3 times!  I never thought I could change my physique, let alone look good enough for stage.  But with William's guidance, patience, and support I was finally able to achieve a long time dream.


Although I don't compete anymore, I continue to follow the principles that William taught me.  I look and feel better than ever before.  Thank you for helping me realize what a truly healthy lifestyle really is!

William's Wicked Workouts
William's Wicked Workouts

Stephanie Katona 


I have been training with William for a year and a half now. He has helped me tremendously, has reshaped my body completely and changed my body composition as well as created a much more symmetrical physique.


I am trainer myself, very active and have been working out for years. but even so I still wanted to take my body to the next level and William helped me get to this point.


He lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle, he’s energetic, very motivational and encouraging!”

Charles Dubuc


When I made the decision that I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show I had no idea where to start. I heard about William who had a really good reputation as a prep coach in Toronto.


With his help and guidance, I achieved my goal and dream in 2013 at the Fouad Abiad Open where I placed a respectable 4th place, and a second time in 2014 at the 40th anniversary Classic in Bodybuilding and Men's Physique, where I placed 2nd and 4th.


His strong passion for fitness, positivity, happiness (always a smile on his face) and knowledge of customized workouts, nutrition plans, and contest prep make him without any doubt one of the best.


It won’t take time before you call him a friend or family. One of The best investments I have ever made.

William's Wicked Workouts
William's Wicked Workouts

Debbie Jacome - Lifestyle Testimonial

I am so grateful my friend introduced me to Will! Prior to meeting him I had been at my biggest, I had lost 25lbs on my own and had noticed a slight difference in some clothing and parts of my body.


But since teaming up with him in August of 2017 the results have been incredible, with his positive attitude, guidance and meal plan I’ve been able to lose a substantial amount of weight!


I have NEVER been happier with my body and that is something I thought I would never accomplish, I am so happy to be working with Will, he has changed my life in so many ways! 

Melissa Tucker

IFBB National Natural Figure Champion

Fitness Model/Personal Trainer

William has taught me things about myself I never would have challenged on my own. His approach to training is a total package including, nutrition, training and mental strengthening. His programs are fine tuned to give you the results needed without making it overwhelming and difficult

He lives what he preaches and teaches which makes me respect what he says that much more. Thank you Will for introducing me to the wonderful world of bodybuilding and fitness, you have truly changed my life and turned me onto a path of healthy living.

You truly are the choice of champions!

William's Wicked Workouts
William's Wicked Workouts

Sormeh Sarkesh

2007 Brantford Figure Level 1

Although I’m a personal trainer myself, and have been training for over 10 years, I decided to train with William just to change up my workout routine. William’s knowledge of training, diet and nutrition, along with his motivation and enthusiasm helped bring me to a new level.


I found training with him very challenging. It transformed my body and at the age of 35, I am now in the best shape that I have ever been. So much so, that I decided to compete in my first figure competition. Needless to say that William helped me with all aspects of it, from training, diet, and posing to driving all the way to Brantford the day of the competition, helping me get ready backstage and supporting me.


On a personal note, he has a delightful personality that makes training with him a pleasure. He is truly the best!


For ten long months I was trying to lose all the weight gained during my first pregnancy. I was feeling depressed and hopeless. I tried almost everything - diets, salsa baby, a nutritionist and group fitness classes. Nothing really helped.


When I contacted William, we began a program right away. I told him it was my goal to lose 15 lbs before my son's birthday to get a Victoria's Secret body by the end of the year. Well, my dedication to William's program paid off and by July 2008 I lost the 15lbs for my son's birthday!!!


To continue my progress, I decided not to ease off and train with William for a fitness competition in October 2008. The result was that I lost 35lbs and I placed 7th in the bikini model category. Wow, did I look like a Victoria's Secret model. I felt attractive again and am happy with myself. I am happy to be a model mom, not only for myself but also for other moms. William also encouraged me to get my personal training certificate. After seeing myself in the mirror and looking at my old pictures, I cant believe the change. For this reason I call William "El Milgroso" or "The Miracle Saint". I will compete again in the future and will continue with William as my coach!


Thank you Memo!

William's Wicked Workouts
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