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William's wicked workouts

Be Yourself, Just Better!

William Celis

Certified Personal Trainer Nfpt

Bodybuilding Champion (1994 - 2013)

2017 Overall Ontario Classic Physique Champion 

Meet Your Trainer

William (Guillermo) Celis

Born in Mexico City

Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English

Certified Trainer in Canada for 20+ years

William's Wicked Workouts

I Live My Life By Two Mottos

Practice What You Preach

I live the same healthy lifestyle of good nutrition and regular exercise that I also motivate my clients to follow. 

Quality Over Quantity

Train smart! It's not about how much you lift, or how often, or how much time you spend in the gym.

It's about how you do it!

William's Wicked Workouts

Bodybuilding Competition

William's Wicked Workouts

Teaching - BootCamp Class

William's Wicked Workouts

Classic Physique Competition

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